Now You Can Have the Gift of Prophecy and Do a Personal Prophecy

To forecast, all you should have the option to do is to hear God talking. All that is required is for you to hear what He is stating and rehash it to the individual that you are forecasting to. As you express the words to the individual you will see the impact that they are having on the individual and toward the end they may give you input. Having personal predictions over your life by voice are great, yet at times it is smarter to have personal predictions recorded. To get a personal prophecy through email is valuable. At the point when it is printed out and set away in your unique things it tends to be hauled out every now and then and read over to support you.

Dear Father

In the previous couple of years I have forecasted to several individuals by means of email through a site that I run. The majority of the predictions have been for nothing, however I do have a spot on the site where individuals can give cash to the site. I have been satisfied as of late to see individuals giving cash and I have had the option to patch up the site and purchase promoting.


  1. In the event that you lack the endowment of prophecy, I urge you to supplicate this petition with confidence. I come to you as a straightforward youngster expecting a blessing that you unreservedly will give. request personal Prophecy I request that you by confidence give me the endowment of prophecy today so I can favor others with it from this day on. Father address me and give me prophetic words for individuals from this day on and walk and converse with me.
  2. I will consistently utilize this blessing to support and lift individuals up and do incredible works for you. In Jesus name I inquire. Presently you should simply go to my site and read the profiles of the prophets there. Pick one that you feel good with and request that the Father give you a personal prophecy for them.
  3. Play some love music or appeal to God for thirty minutes and afterward plunk down and type them a prophecy letting them know in your email that you are rehearsing your new blessing. Request that they give you criticism. I have around ten individuals there that you can rehearse on. I am certain when you have it directly around multiple times that you will be sure. The messenger Paul says that we are not to keep down with regards to the prophetic.
  4. Such a large number of houses of worship don’t permit predictions as individuals have them wrong previously and they don’t to hazard it any longer. Paul said this isn’t the correct way.


Paul says that predictions ought to be tried and we are to hold quick to what is great in the predictions. Paul is stating here that pieces of a prophecy can sound wrong or may even not be right and subsequent to testing a prophecy we should keep the pieces of the prophecy that is correct.



God favor you

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